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Electrical & lighting

A well lit store is not only pleasant for the eyes but light also serves as security for your property. Study shows that light may reduce crime rates and shoppers feel a sense of warmth and security in brightly lit areas as apposed to the ones that are not. By keeping your lights in good working condition, ensures the return of a happy customer.


All field technicians have access to the right equipment for the right job. In many cases, our clients need repairs in tight and high places. Not to fear, Commercial Contractors are accustomed to unique assignments and ready to take on any project, high or low.


Nature, a true beauty. Good thing that we can manipulate these elements and bring together a true art piece. From cutting grass to planting flowers carefully selected to withstand the weather, you can trust our floral team.

Janitorial & cleaning

No matter the brand or the location, one of if not the most important attribute is the cleanliness of a facility. A social experiment revealed that 9 our of 10 customers will notice the overall cleanliness of the business. Clean properties leave a positive impression. Janitorial, bathroom cleaning, windows, floor care, outdoor maintenance is all a part of our day to day operations across the nation. These include locations such as retail, warehouses, office complexes, residential clubhouses, commercial properties.

Our teams are holstered for any request, common or unique. Cleaning crews work overnight so customers never see the magic that happens behind closed doors.


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